Being developed exclusively for eyewear Excellence Titan is designed to minimize the stress felt by the wearer. More than any other kind of conventional nickel free titanium alloy it is highly flexible and provides an embracing gentle touch and better wearing comfort.

Haven't you ever experienced the discomfort that your optical frame causes when it becomes deformed or loose after you have purchased, or slips down while wearing? Excellence Titan has a special memory function to avoid those annoying problems, providing you with a long lasting wearing comfort.

*The shape memory function ensures the comfort only under normal use.

One of the challenges in developing the new material was the processability in production since design of the eyewear is an important part of the wearer's identity. While Nickel Titanium has superior flexibility, it has limitations on design. Excellence Titan successfully achieved to expand its variety of design thanks to its outstanding processability in addition to keeping its shape memory function and highly flexible property.

The Charmant Group boasts its expertise on Titanium eyewear which was developed to eliminate wearers from suffering from nickel allergies, the most frequently reported allergy caused by metal products. Eyewear touches the skin directly and since our product does not contain nickel it is safe to the skin and is an indispensable benefit. Excellence Titan, exclusively developed for Charmant Group is an ideal Titanium alloy for the next generation in eyewear.