2011.04.21 LineArt CHARMANT in the 2011 Laser Industry Awards in Japan

The Charmant Group has received Laser Industry Contribution Award from The Laser Society of Japan’s 2011 Laser Industry Awards for its precision laser welding technology used in the “LineArt CHARMANT” signature brand from The Group.

Laser Industry Contribution Award is given for unique technology or application of laser techniques that contribute fundamental value to the laser and local industries. The Charmant Group has pioneered a new, premier category of optical frames, produced by laser welding, and innovated a new, specialized aspect for local industries. The Charmant Group’s technique has enabled the company realize an intricate shape on the product without losing any of the EXCELLENCE TITAN’s elasticity.

The award ceremony was held on April 20th during Laser Expo 2011, an exhibition for specialists in laser technology. The event is organized by The Laser Society of Japan and was held at the Pacifico Yokohama convention center. Kazuo Iwahori, the Chief Production Officer and Executive Director of the Board of Charmant Incorporated, received the award.

Mr. Iwahori says it is truly delightful for a company from the eyewear industry to receive this distinguished award for special contributions and to present ourselves here along with Japan’s top companies. LineArt CHARMANT is an eyewear brand that harmonizes technology and art and it has been received extremely well. The laser welding technique enabled us accomplish an unique beauty, and enhance the outstanding features of EXCELLENCE TITAN*, our exclusive material, able to provide long lasting wearing comfort. We continue to work hard on research and development to bring technology into our products and charm consumers throughout the world.

[ What are the Laser Industry Awards? ]
The Laser Industry Awards were founded by The Laser Society of Japan to promote the accelerated spread of laser technology and practical uses while supporting the commercialization and cultivation of new technology and utility. The Laser Industry Awards also aim to greatly support the expansion of laser related industries and bring public recognition to approved products and practical technology.

[ The Laser Society of Japan ]
Works to support the expansion of all possibilities of laser technology and assist businesses that handle lasers and laser related products. Every year, The Laser Society of Japan organizes the Laser Expo, to provide an opportunity for customers and companies in the field to come together.