2011.10.04 CHARMANT-Z awarded the 2011 GOOD DESIGN AWARD


The Charmant Group is the recipient of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2011 from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP) for optical frames and sunglasses of its top-of-the-range brand CHARMANT-Z. The following winning products are the ones in the latest collection designed with evolved flex mechanism, LINKS FUNCTION by EXCELLENCE TITAN.

Optical frames model numbers: ZT11766, ZT11767, ZT11768
Sunglasses model numbers: ZT11253, ZT11254

GOOD DESIGN AWARD was awarded for:
A unique design application which enables the product to provide a great wearing comfort,  introducing nonconventional elasticity of EXCELLENCE TITAN, the titanium alloy of the next generation. Also evaluated was the creation of a new phase of a design value – together with the latest innovation and design approach which visualizes the elasticity of the new material.

Mr. Masakiyo Honjo, the Chief Product Officer expressed his satisfaction over the brand being the recipient of one of the most recognized design awards. “The award has a unique and contemporary aspect such as getting consumers to participate in the judging as well as a jury of specialists, and linking cooperatively to other foreign design awards. There is also the exciting fact that the number of entries from Asia and the recognition of G-mark (the symbol of the award) has been increasing annually world-wide, particularly in Asia. CHARMANT-Z is our very own brand that represents the excellence in design and function and has already been well received. It has a progressive and pure masculine design and the newly developed mechanism working together with our exclusive material to create previously unknown wearing comfort.  The award gives us confidence and we hope that our “CHARMANT-Z eyewear – Excellence through Evolution” will be experienced by more quality opticians and consumers alike”.

Good Design Award is a comprehensive program for the evaluation and encouragement of design organized by Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP). It was originally founded in 1957 by the Japan’s Minister of International Trade and Industry (MITI) and the award has been given to more than 37,000 outstanding designs in over 50 years by the organization for the pursuit of prosperous lives and industrial development. G-mark is widely known as symbol of outstanding design and in recent years increasing submissions are made by foreign companies and designers.

More information provided at the following URL: http://www.g-mark.org/english/
About JDP at the following URL : http://www.g-mark.org/english/common/jidpo.html