2010.03.01 Discover technology and art EXCELLENCE TITAN, the next generation in eyewear. in MIDO 2010

The Charmant Goup is pleased to invite you to our MIDO booth(Pad. 15, B11-C20) to discover and experience the latest titanium processing technologies and a beautiful new line inspired by engineering and art: LineArt CHARMANT.

LineArt CHARMANT is the one and only brand for women who expect nothing but the best and who make it a point to go for the original and never just a copy. Like smart, sophisticated women everywhere, LineArt CHARMANT is unique.
The 2010 collection draws its inspiration from fine arts, the beauty of music and the delicacy of string instruments. An excellent synthesis of future technology and heritage of art enables you to feel the sound of music. The initial collection carries two feminine and unique designs: “Quintet” – a temple designed of 5 delicate strings, gently connected by knots, with a wide variation of front shapes. The ultimate incarnation of EXCELLENCE TITAN combined with a patented stunning design, offering an exceptionally comfortable feeling for the demanding customer of today. “Trio” – exquisite arms combine 3 fine strings and a vertical line of subtle knots.
Each of the designs provide a long lasting wearing comfort with a gentle touch, the highest flexibility and amazing lightness, whilst enjoying all the benefits that the new titanium material, EXCELLENCE TITAN offers.
This exclusive and ultimate titanium alloy “EXCELLENCE TITAN” is nickel free, highly flexible with a superb memory function and endless design possibilities. It provides superior wearing comfort that professionals and customers expect from perfect eyewear.

Mr Miyachi, President of Charmant Group >>The wish of the Charmant Group is embodied in this product. We share the same sprit as artists and musicians, our product have to speak to the customer’s soul and offer “eyecare” in beautiful designs. As the Charmant Group we see our mission as providing customers all over the world with quality products, which are reliable and comfortable.<< The Charmant Goup would like to welcome you to a private violin concert on Saturday at 11:30 am and 14:00 and Sunday 11:30 am. Discover the beauty of music, the ultimate harmony between creativity in design and the most advanced technology at the Charmant Goup! A Sushi bar will also be available when you meet and greet with the Charmant Group team. 2010 MIDO news