2011.04.02 LineArt CHARMANT 2011 – A Silken Embrace

Following its first theme “the piece of art” the new theme, 2011 “Silken Embrace” is visualized in the image of LineArt CHARMANT.

The brand’s vision of an exquisite dreamy comfort is expressed by the profile of a sophisticated woman showing a perfectly comfortable fit; the profile features the latest product incorporating a Swarovski decoration. The piece of silk flowing in the air behind her expresses a pleasure she is experiencing for the very first time. It has been well received by the public since its debut in the Mido 2011 show in March.

The woman is under the spell of the unique and beautiful feminine design and the light and gentle wearing comfort that LineArt CHARMANT provides, best utilizing the characteristics of Excellence Titan.

The shooting for the image visual and brand movie took two days and was done in a studio in Tokyo. A team of photographers, stylist and many other crew members worked for hours to capture the one perfect shot that depicts the exquisitely dreamy comfort shown on the face of the charming model.

One common image will be used on a world-wide base and will represent the brand of all the major markets where the Group is present.